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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bienvenidos :)

Welcome to my class! My name is Amy Cook Dean and I am honored to be returning to Providence St. Mel School for my third year teaching Spanish 1, 2 and 4. I am truly dedicated to serving the PSM community and I thank you in advance for your hard work. I am lucky to teach in a school with such dedicated students and parents.

In November, I will depart for maternity leave and Ms. Adrienne Fama, a Northwestern graduate, will continue providing PSM students with exceptional instruction. Ms. Fama will introduce herself in a later post.

Below please find important information about course policies and procedures.

Sra. Dean

Testing and Grades:

Learning Spanish is more than rote memorization or grammar drills. Because communication in our ultimate goal, you will be assessed through opportunities to use what you have learned creatively and usefully.

The standard PSM grading scale is used in Spanish I, II and IV.

Students’ grades will be composed of four categories:

  • ¼ homework grades
  • ¼ test/quiz grades
  • ¼ research/technology projects
  • ¼ final exam

You will begin each day with three participation points. If you choose follow the classroom rules, follow classroom procedures and actively participate, you will maintain a solid A+ for participation. However, points will be deducted for the following issues:

  • Verbal redirects or warnings
  • Teacher Requests/Referrals
  • Being unprepared for class
  • Other missteps with classroom rules or procedures
Classroom Rules:
  1. You are respectful of yourself, your professor and your colleagues.
  2. You follow your professor’s directions.
  3. You come to class prepared, both in attitude and in materials.
  4. You are seated and on-task BEFORE the bell.
Daily Classroom Procedures:
Before the Bell
  1. You take care of personal needs before entering the classroom.
  2. You greet the professor in Spanish and enter the classroom quietly.
  3. You are seated, silent and doing the arrival activity before the bell.
  4. Your homework is on your desk and ready to be collected or revised.

During Class

  1. You raise your hand to speak.
  2. You are on-task during group work.
  3. Your classroom interaction is conducted entirely in Spanish.

After the Bell

  1. You wait to be dismissed by the professor.